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Deutsche Diskmags Die beste Homepage, wenn man deutschsprachige Diskmags lesen will.
GO64 Die neue Pflichtlektüre für den wahren C64-Freak!
64er Das Kultmagazin im Internet.
DT Das vielleicht beste deutschsprachige Disk-Mag.
Propaganda Fairlights Magazine (online and as .d64)
C= Hacking A great Zine, check it!!! (mirror in au)


TRIAD one of the best groups ever
Tempest TepesT..
FairLight this is the homepage of Fairlight...
Padua a German demogroup
Plush now also present on the net!
The Sharks .. with a very nice outfit!
Success & The Ruling Company the well known group
Sanity a new hp (9.99)


Giga C64 speciallized site in Austria
Funet a great site in Finland
Frodo a site in Norway
replay hot pardy stuff and a lot more
Equinoxe in Germany


General FAQ v2.2 A nearly complete FAQ
SID Page Everything about the best sound chip ever
Commodore 8-bit a lot of Information about the C64
CMD products for the C64
Technical Documents inside of the Commodore machines

Private pages

C64 Game Guide
GrEeNfRoG's HomePage
PK's Commodore 64 Page - LOADs of fun!
Marc-Jano's Homepage (C64, others..)
Lagune Online
Frontpage Online
High Voltage SID Collection

Search Engine

Commodore FTP Search Suche nach Commodore Programmen

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