On this page I document my project LogiTrumps. The content might grow. So check by every now and then.


LogiTrumps is a trump card game with retro computers. It’s like we used to play it in the 80ies. Each player (you and the computer) gets the same number of cards. Each card represents a retro computer and has several values like year, memory and colours. Each card has its strengths and weaknesses. If a computer has a lot of memory or colours, he usually is not that old and therefor would likely loose in the year category. Usually the higher value wins. The year category is the only category where the lower value wins. The player who gets all cards first wins the game.


LogiTrumps exists as BASIC 10-Liner on following platforms:

Name Chars per line
CPC 80
C64 80
C16 80
C128 80
VIC20 80
PET 80
MSX 80
Ti 99/4a WILD
Spectrum 256
Quick Basic 256
Atari 800 120
Apple II 120
TRS-80 80
BBC 120


Moreover there following extended Versions (with more than 10 lines) :

Name System(s) Chars per line Description
"Base" All 80-256 The "normal" version with text only 
Advanced CPC 120 With nicer graphics, easier control and 10 instead of 8 cards.
Deluxe CPC 256 Same advance, plus sound and 36 cards.
VS C128 80 Dual-Screen on C128 for two players
VS JS C128 120 Dual-Screen with joystick support (not released yet)
Ultimate C64 256 Full featured version.
With PETSCII, 48 cards, sounds, settings, etc.



LogiTrumps Ulitimate (C64)

The currently most advanced version is LogiTrumps Ultimate for the C64. It contains 48 cards, PETSCII graphics and sound!

Get it here: LogiTrumps Ultimate

LogiTrumps Ultimate C64